Back to work

So, I have to admit, my months of May and June were pretty boring. Between the time I arrived in Brazil in February through May 1, I was traveling all the time. Semana Santa, holidays, pipa, Belem…. And then the holidays stopped. Can you believe it? A whole month without a feriado? But I can’t complain. Part of the reason I asked to stay in Fortaleza is because I love Fortaleza, you know? 

So these past six weeks have been very work focused. The podcast I started with my students (which you can find here ) was officially launched after weeks of planning, I led two Saturday seminars with the IsF students, and have just been hanging out. 

I know I’ve posted this before, but I love my work. This semester, I’ve mostly been working with new students, and they’re all great. I don’t know how many times I can post on this blog about UFC being amazing, but it is.  

And now, we’re at the end of June and wrapping up the semester. Last week, there was a picnic for IsF and it was tons of fun. We started off the morning with some icebreakers, including my favorite, get up and move, and then had some snacks. But, the real star of the day was Junior. He brought his Xbox and we ended the event with several fairly competitive rounds of just dance. It was tons of fun!  

Other than work, June was been tons of fun. June 4th was the holidays Corpus Christi but, instead of traveling myself, I had people come to me! Kelci spent like a solid day and a half here ūüėõ and my mentee Nour came from Teresina. We had so much fun! I went to the fish market twice, once with each of them, and it is so delicious. You basically walk up to a stand and get fresh-caught seafood, then wander over to a barraca where they cook it  for you. It’s also so cheap! Kelci and I got a kilo of clams and three small lobster tails for 20 reais, plus the 7 real cooking fee. Yum! 


Now that I think about it, this has really been a month of eating and being active. Just before gorging ourselves at the fish market, I went to this food park (or a pra√ßa filled with food trucks) the night before with Allyson. We had amazing gyros, craft beer, and more! It was definitely a success. 

In order to not feel guilty for eating so much delicious food, I’ve also been trying really hard to stay active this year. Luckily, along with regular dance , we’re now starting every rehearsal with 40 minutes-1 hour of working out! Tuesdays are muscula√ß√£o (or  weight training) and Thursdays are more aerobics. We’ve done ab days, arm days, step classes, and even last week we did what they call a “jump” class (essentially an aerobic workout on a mini trampoline). At first, I was really out of shape, so I struggled through the workouts, especially the aerobics ones. But now, they’re getting so much easier! It’s been amazing! Nour even did the workout with me when she came to rehearsal last week!


Natalie and I also discovered a place that rents sea kayaks and paddle boards right near my house. We’ve only gone twice, but it’s definitely one of my new favorite activities! I anticipate going a lot more between now and November. 

Finally, just last week, Natalie and I (and Gabriella, one of the Isf teachers slash our friend) tried out something we’ve been dying to do for months: beach Pilates. As the same suggests, it’s a free Pilates class on the beach! It normally meets on Saturdays at 7am and, we’ve tried going, but always dropped out at the last minute. Well, last Saturday was the two year anniversary of the project,  class was at 4pm instead of 7am, and I wasn’t going to dance rehearsal, so it was perfect! The first hour was a straight up Pilates class. I started doing Pilates at the rec center while I was home over break and I loved it, so I’m especially happy to have found a Pilates place I now love here too!

The second hour, we did, what they call here “neopilates,” or acrobatic stuff. It was super hard, especially considering that none of us have any arm strength.  We ultimately spent a lot of time falling into the sand, but it was so fun. 

I won’t be able to make it this week because I’m visiting my mentees in S√£o Luis, but I will definitely go back. Even at 7am! 

So, that’s about it. These past two months have really just been a combination of working, eating, and trying to resist the urge to spend every free minute in my hammock.  As I said, I’m in S√£o Luis now, but I’m officially caught up with this blog! My challenge to myself? Go back to updating every two weeks! The beginning of July will be pretty slow for me, but then I leave for S√£o Paulo (for mid grant seminar), Argentina, and chile! But, never fear! Before that, I still have four more days here in SLZ, a trip to see my mentees in Teresina, and a July 4th celebration! 

Thanks for sticking with me, despite all of the poor updating and shameless plugs for This Brazilian Life . Next post: Sao Joao in S√£o Luis! 




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