Celebração de Fé

Ok, so I know I said that my next post would be my almost-amazonian-adventure in Belém, but I was so excited about this dance performance from yesterday (and from having a good video) that I had to post it! 

This dance is called Celebração de Fé and is a boi-bumbá dance from a huge festival in Parintins, Amazonas. We’re all wearing different colors to represent different “tribes,” and the music sings all about different tribes coming together! You’re also going to see four itens, or soloists, come out who represent just four of over twenty different characters that perform during the Festival de Parintins. This is one of the dances I’m going to be performing at the festival in Porto Alegre and I absolutely love it. I hope you like it too! I also can’t say enough how much I love the people i’ve met in Oré. If any of you are reading this, thank you so much for helping to make my time here o meaningful! Te amo!!!!

(ps: i’m the girl with the orange feathers!)

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One Response to Celebração de Fé

  1. Monica says:

    Arrasou, Missy!! Amei!!!!

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