Gringa Going (part 1)

Like I mentioned in my last post, my work semester has been finished since the beginning of the World Cup (despite the occasional class visit on a Friday morning) and I’ve just been hanging around Fortaleza. I’ve been spending time with my friends, exploring new parts of the city, learning more dances with Oré, and enjoying the World Cup. But now, my vacation is really getting started.

Fulbright gave us 15 vacation days between the semesters and I intended to take full advantage! I’ve been able to travel a little bit already, during Holy Week and for a long weekend in João Pessoa, but this this month is going to be packed with traveling and I’m super excited to knock some places off my bucket list!

This afternoon, I’m meeting up with Michell, another Fulbrighter who lives in Maceió, and we’re going to spend fourteen days traveling here in the northeast. After that, I’m coming home just in time for a dance performance on the 23rd, running an in-service for the NucLI professors on the 25th, and then later that evening heading off to Belém , Para, where I’ll be attending an academic conference on Race and Affirmative Action in Brazil. Not only will this trip give me an opportunity to visit Belém (a city in the North, or Amazon region of Brazil), but it will be my first opportunity to use my local-travel stipend. I’ve been waiting to find a conference that really interests me, and this is it! Race in Brazil is a tricky subject, but one I’ve always found myself interested in from an academic perspective. I hope to use what I learn at this conference to draw meaningful comparisons when I teach about race and racism in the U.S. next semester!

That’s about it! My itinerary is below and you can check out this nifty google map! (you’ll have to zoom out a little bit to see the pins)

July 7-16: Salvador and Morro de São Paulo

July 16-19: Recife and Olinda

July 19-21: Porto de Galinhas

July21-July 25: Back in Fortaleza

July 26-August 3: Belém


See you when I get back! Beijos!

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