Nossa casa

Wow, it’s pretty hard to believe two weeks have passed since my last update! I know I said I would upload photos as soon as we had internet, but I didn’t actually take the photos! Oops!

Laura and I moved into our new apartment on the 15th!  It’s a two bedroom-two bathroom apartment in the Meireles neighborhood of Fortaleza. We live one block from the bus stop, two from a supermarket, and four from the beach! It’s amazing. In Brazil, an “unfurnished” apartment is basically an empty space: no stove, no fridge, no beds, NOTHING. So, even though Meireles is a little more chique (read: expensive) than we wanted, the owner left EVERYTHING.  I mean everything: pots, pans, a pressure cooker for beans (which we have yet to test out), everything The only thing we needed to buy were sheets and towels, but my host family from the first month lent us some and said to just return them in November!

The apartment has a cute (albeit uncomfortable) sofa, enough seating for about 12 friends if we wanted people over, and can easily house friends if they want to visit us (hint hint). Laura also has hot water in her bathroom, which was pretty essential for her. I’m actually fine with my cool showers. It’s pretty hot in here (we’re two cheap to use the AC slash we like to keep the windows open) so the cold showers are perfect!

My room is currently a little messy, so I only put in the corner, but here are some photos!


A corner of my messy room


Our first dinner!

Our first night, we made fresh mango juice and I cooked one of my favorite (and easiest) meals: sausage, peppers, and onions with pasta. Laura’s friend, Roberta, came for dinner and they we hung out near our apartment.

One of the only things missing from our apartment (other than a coffee maker, which we obviously bought within hours of moving in), was a hammock.

Hammocks (or redes, as they’re called here) are a staple of every household in Fortaleza. Both bedrooms and our balcony have hooks for hammocks and a lot of people here prefer to sleep in hammocks of beds!



We were so lucky to find this apartment! Our supervisor and friend, Marcos, was so helpful! Not only did he make about fifty phone calls for us about visiting apartments, but he schlepped us all over the city to see them, and read over our contract before we signed it. A huge obrigada to Marcos, we couldn’t have done it without you!



Bringing snapchat to Brazil!

This was originally one post about with all of my updates over the last two weeks, but it was way too long. Expect another update tomorrow!


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  1. Monica says:

    Missy, você parece estar muito feliz por aí! Fico feliz por você! Abração.

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