And so it begins

Well, almost.

I’m actually writing this from my room after spending the last hour shoveling a foot of snow off of my driveway, but the time for my Brazilian adventure is almost here! The good news is, that as of 10:30 this morning, both of my flights were still scheduled. The bad news is that it’s raining and I’m worried everything is going to freeze overnight. I also haven’t finished packing yet, but that’s a whole separate issue.

My hope for this blog is to update a few times a month (I’m trying to be realistic), with photos and stories from my 9 months back in Brazil!

So, here is the plan: Fly from Dulles to Atlanta at 4:25 tomorrow, meet up with about 30 other Fulbright ETA’s who happen to be on the same flight, make friends, and then head off to Brasília together! Some of you may be thinking, “wait, I thought you were going to a different city in Brazil?” You would be correct, but first we have short orientation in Brasília!

I just received the agenda for orientation today and it looks great. I arrive around 8am on Saturday and then we have the day off. Then, starting on Sunday, we have a tour of Brasilia, some workshops, lectures, etc. It looks like we’re going to be meeting with (or getting lectured by) a number of FSOs from the Embassy, and I’m super excited (in the most nerdy way possible).

After a few days of all that, I finally get to head off to Fortaleza, my home for the next 9 months. If you’re interested, keep reading for some more info about Fortaleza!

Fortaleza, Ceará:


Population: approximately 2.55 million, making it the fifth-largest city in Brazil

History: The city was first developed in 1603 by the Portuguese, but was later colonized by the Dutch (and then the Portuguese again)

Geography and Climate: Fortaleza is located right on the coast and the average annual temperature is 81 degrees!


Can you tell I’m excited about the weather?

Anyway, hopefully I’ll finish packing in the next hour or so and the next you hear from me, I’ll be in Brazil!

Até mais!

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1 Response to And so it begins

  1. Hallie says:

    This is so exciting – can’t wait to hear how the adventure goes. Bon Voyage lovely!

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